Christopher Amos

1. Oorlich Coo (Soft pastel)

2. Archie, Cocker Spaniel (Soft pastel)

3. Harry (Graphite)

4.  Chief (Soft pastel)

5.  Kaiba (Pastel Pencil)

6.  Tsuki (German Shepherd in soft pastels)

7.  Tatu (Lion in soft pastels)

8.  Cullen Sunset (Soft pastels) 

9.  Kawasaki Z1400 (Soft pastels)

10.  Bearded Dragon (Mixed media)

About me:

Originally sketching and drawing portraits in graphite from an early age, I subsequently started using pastels for portrait art drawing dog portraits and cat portraits for family and friends.

My preferred medium is soft pastels, though I have, and do still experiment in other mediums in order to try and “loosen” my style (I like my detail 😊).

As a member of the Dunfermline Art Club, It has allowed me to paint in my spare time and show my work with the Club over the years and periodically exhibit work within the Clubs gallery and their annual exhibitions.