Syd Reeve

Paintings by Syd Reeve

1.  Bridge Street, (Watercolour)

2.  Full and by, (Acrylic)

3.  The Planners, (Mixed Media)

4.  Canal Centre, (Soft Pastel)

5.  Doon the Watta, (Watercolour)

6.  Dysart, (Soft Pastel)

7.  Falkirk Wheel, (Soft Pastel)

8.  Horse Drawn, (Watercolour)

9.  Loch Garda,  (Soft Pastel)

10. Parahandy’s Vital Spark, (Acrylic)


  After working for a nautical youth organisation for 40 years as a volunteer and latterly 11 years as a full time employee I retired in August 2013 which has enabled me to spend more time on my hobby of painting pictures.

Although I was taught art at school I did not continue with my art studies when I left full time education as my career path took me down an entirely different route in Golf Club Management. However, I never lost interest in the subject and have dabbled with drawing and sketching on and off for many years.

I joined the Dunfermline Art Club in July 2012 and am very grateful to receive ongoing help and advice from many of the very able members of the club.

Many of my paintings are of a nautical or watery theme which for anyone who knows me will not be a surprise as I have spent most of my life messing around in boats of various sizes from canoes, to square rig sailing ships. I am a qualified yachtmaster, have taken part in several Tall Ships Races and over the years have passed on my sailing skills to a great number of young people.

I hope that you like my selection of paintings.