Roy McGowan

Paintings by Roy McGowan


1.   Les Deux Magots  (Acrylic)

2.   West Shore – Pittenweem (Acrylic)

3.   Yukimi Lantern (Acrylic)

4.   A Degree of Difficulty  (Oil)

5.   Anstruther, Wester  (Acrylic)

6.   Forest Lake  (Acrylic)

7.   Arabesque  (Acrylic)

8.   Puffins II  (Acrylic)

9.   The Dreel Burn at Anstruther  (Acrylic)

10.  A Corner of Anstruther  (Acrylic)


Like m2013 Champions League Village (london)any others, I returned to art/painting later in life, having enjoyed it originally when much younger (like 35 years younger). In all that time I never did pick up a paintbrush which is something I regret in a way. I have tried out nearly all the different media available and although all have their own merits, for me the most satisfying is oil paint and figurative subjects. I have been a member at Dunfermline Art Club since 2012, serve on the Committee and am the Website Administrator for the club. I exhibit regularly in the club’s Gallery in the Kingsgate Centre and occasionally at other events including at Edinburgh’s Dundas Street Gallery. In 2017 I received a winners award for “A Degree of Difficulty” in the Shell Fife Art Exhibition.