Annual Exhibition – Arrangements for Members

The arrangements for members intending to exhibit at the 2022 Annual Exhibition are outlined in the Secretary’s notes shown below. The exhibition will be held in the Club Gallery in the Kingsgate Shopping Centre.

”  Set up the Exhibition on Tuesday 21st June 2022.  The Exhibition will open on Friday 24th June 2022 at 10.00 hrs and close on Saturday 2nd July 2022 at 16.00 hrs.



Up to 5 framed paintings per member. £2.50 hanging fee each or £10 for 5. Paintings should not have been exhibited at previous Art Club events. (Framed Prints cannot be accepted for hanging). There will be an opportunity to exhibit browser and craft items and cards. The usual rules for exhibiting craft items will apply.

Use the 2022 Annual Exhibition entry forms.

Entry forms, hanging fees and paintings should be handed in together on any Friday and Saturday during normal opening times. The last time for entry is 16.00 hrs on Saturday 18th June.

Members exhibiting are invited to sign up for at least two periods of duty during the Exhibition. The duty roster is available in the Gallery.

If entering a n.f.s. painting this must be accompanied by a for sale painting. 

Members should be aware that any work copied from other artists, paintings or photographs including those taken from books etc., should acknowledge the original artist or photographer.


Paintings will not be hung unless they are properly framed and have‘d’ rings no more than one third down from the top of the painting and are tightly corded. Screws and rings must be covered by a small amount of padding (foam or bubble wrap) secured with tape to prevent damage to other works.

The backs of framed paintings must be sealed with brown framing tape (not masking tape or parcel tape).

Unframed stretched canvas paintings are acceptable if finished neatly at the edges.

Labels for your work are available in the Gallery. Please make sure your labels are clearly written in block capitals in black ink and that the details match those given on the entry form. Please tie the label to the hanging cord with a length of string long enough to drape over the top of your painting so it can be seen from the front (for initial hanging purposes).


A commission fee of 25% will be taken on all painting sales.

Unsold work will be left to hang in the Gallery for the 8 weeks after the Exhibition ends with no additional hanging fee. However, members will need to sign up for additional duties during that period.

The hanging committee will refuse any pieces of work not meeting these simple requirements. Exhibits will not be insured and are hung at the owner’s risk. Members may wish to insure their own work.

Mike B, May 2022. “

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