Arrangements for Winter Exhibition


Dunfermline Art Club Winter Exhibition be held in the Club Gallery in the Kingsgate Centre from Thursday 16th December until Thursday 23rd December.


Artworks (which must comply with the clubs framing standards) will be accepted for hanging, not prints. Browser items, which normally includes unframed paintings and prints will not be accepted for display during this exhibition. A maximum five pictures may be submitted. A hanging fee of £2.50 per picture will apply, and, where four pictures are paid for, the fifth will be hung for free . A commission of 25% will be taken on painting sales. At the conclusion of the Winter Exhibition, the remaining pictures will be retained for hanging in the Gallery for a further 8 week period. In January, the Gallery reverts to normal opening times with the remaining pictures staying in place (apart from changing the window display from time to time).

Unsold items from the previous hanging period should be collected from the Gallery at the earliest convenient opportunity


New exhibits, entry forms, and hanging fees will be accepted during normal Gallery opening hours (12-4 pm from Thursday 25th November to Saturday 11th December Paintings will be checked by the Gallery volunteers and then taken to the back of the Gallery by the member who brought them. Paintings from the current hanging taken down after closing on Saturday 11th December.

On Tuesday 14th December from 10 am, a team of three will hang the exhibits (screens to be erected if needed) Two additional volunteers will do the window display.


It is proposed that manning will be in two hour slots between 10.00 and 18.00 hrs. Key holders will be required for the first and last slots of the day. Because there is less of a security problem using the Gallery, there will be 2 members on duty at a time and 3 duties per member during Exhibition week. Members entering pictures will also be expected to do 8 hours of duties during the succeeding 8 weeks. The volunteer list for the Exhibition period is already in the Gallery.

Entry forms

Exhibition application forms have been emailed to members. Forms are also available for collection in the Gallery.


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