BBC’s Big Painting Challenge Programme

BBC Challenge

The BBC Big Painting Challenge series currently on BBC One TV has generated a  fair amount of debate in the club. If you haven’t done so already, you can find details of the programmes Little Painting Challenge on their  website. Here is a link to the Little Painting Challenge page and if you want to take part there are some of the pre-printed entry postcards available in the club.

2015-03-06 20.29.27All you have to do to enter is draw or paint your entry on the blank side of one of the postcards, fill in your details, add a stamp and pop it in the post box.

1000 of the best entries, including the winners, will be exhibited in the newly refurbished Whitworth Art Gallery in Manchester from the 4th of May 2015.

Before entering the competition please read the full terms and conditions.


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