Featured Artist Wall to Continue

DAC Logo Orange copy 2The Featured Artist initiative in the Club Gallery, which began early March is now showing the work of the last of the initial eight artists who have taken part. The current exhibitor, Jane Ferguson, was preceded by Syd Reeve, Colin Joyce, Mary Ramage, Alan Booth, Jen Manson, Ian Roberts and Irma Brown.

Although the feature is due to end on 24th October, it has been decided that more members be given the opportunity to take advantage of this facility by continuing beyond the initial trial period. Members are therefore invited to record their interest on the notice displayed in the club.

The conditions for entry remain unchanged, namely:-

Each featured artist will have a 4 week period to exhibit pictures (unlimited number) on the back wall of Unit 22 Gallery, as well as the use of one large easel, a browser, and one picture displayed in the window advertising the “ Featured artist of the month”. The hanging fee will be £20.

The featured artist will be responsible for hanging his/her pictures, producing a catalogue of pictures exhibited and and taking turns of duty in the Gallery, as all exhibitors have to do. A key for the Gallery will be made available should the artist require access outwith opening hours.”

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