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For the Mixed Media workshop, Josephine will be doing a similar painting to the attached image. She will provide the painting ground which is a an A3+(20×14 inches) size watercolour paper, the reference photo, PVA glue, collage paper and tissue paper, masking tape, etc. The workshop will be like a “paint along with me” style where we go through the step by step way of painting the subject.

Other materials that attendees should bring:
A board not smaller than 20×14 inches to tape the watercolour paper down. (boards available in the club)

Acrylic Paints
lemon or cadmium yellow
cobalt blue
Prussian blue
viridian green or sap green
burnt sienna
titanium white

A selection of flat and round acrylic brushes
1/2″ – 1″ flat acrylic brushes
size 10 round acrylic brush
size 2 or 3 small round brush
a rigger brush

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