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Leisure PainterA recent letter published in Leisure Painter magazine discussed whether a local community gallery should exclude beginners from exhibiting. Well, our own Alan Booth had a view on that topic and has had his response published in the magazines August issue. Here it is:

“I am a member of Dunfermline Art Club and we are fortunate enough to have a unit in our town centre’s shopping mall, which we use as a gallery. All our members are treated as equals and everyone is entitled to display their work regardless of ability or standing. The only conditions are that we are limited to five framed exhibits each and members displaying have to volunteer for two “duties” per hanging session, which usually lasts about eight weeks. The system has worked very well for a number of years and I find it encourages people to work hard at improving their skills. The feeling when that first sale happens cannot be matched. After all, we are amateur artists and should be encouraging our colleagues to be brave enough to put their work on display. Otherwise we discourage and they lose heart and leave this wonderful hobby. So to those who would be selective, I say do not be so precious. What are you afraid of ? I would advise you to resist those who wish to be selective and continue to encourage the majority.”
A. Booth

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