Mining Heritage Event – Public Votes

Equal First, 29 Votes, The Last Canary (Acrylic) by Roy McGowan


Equal First, 29 Votes, Coal Miner (Pastel) by Joan Patterson


Third, 27 Votes, Hot, Tired, Filthy (Watercolour) by Ken Young



4th       13 votes – Miner’s Cottages by Alan Booth
5th       12 votes – Just one Day by Ian Roberts
6th       11 votes – Aitken Pit 1935 by Les Wood
7th       10 votes – Bowhill Colliery 1 by George Aitken                                                                                                 7th       10 votes – Back Breaking Work by Ian Roberts
9th         9 votes – One for All, All for One by Ian Blance
10th       8 votes – Bowhill Colliery 2 by George Aitken
10th       8 votes – I Had to Pick This Job by Ian Roberts
10th       8 votes – Winding Down by Carmel Smith
13th         7 votes – Face Worker by Syd Reeve
13th         7 votes – It’s the Pits by Ian Roberts
15th         6 votes – Bowhill Colliery (c1905) by Joan Patterson
15th         6 votes – Valleyfield Remembered by Jack Pender
17th         5 votes – Surveying the Seam by Annette Burgess
17th         5 votes – Mining Memories by Andy Harrower
19th        4 votes – Donkey Work by Alan Booth
19th        4 votes – Pony’s Trapped by Alan Booth
19th        4 votes – The Pithead, Pennyvenie by Robert Clement                                                                                                 19th        4 votes – Comrie Pithead by Andy Harrower
23rd        3 votes – The Mary Pit, Lochore Meadows by Nancy Aitken                                                                                       23rd        3 votes – Kirkford Pit With Women Workers by Irma Brown                                                                                     23rd        3 votes – Tub Pusher by Syd Reeve
26th        2 votes – The Lindsay Pit Overlooking Benarty 1912 by Ian Blance
26th        2 votes – Underground by Irma Brown
26th        2 votes – Coalman by Aileen Duncan                                                                                                                                                                                                                   26th        2 votes – The Planners by Syd Reeve
30th        1 vote – Gas Test by Syd Reeve

There were 3 pictures which did not register a vote.

The results have passed on to Dunfermline Delivers who will include an image of at least one of the winners as part of the Heritage Wall which is to be erected in the town centre.

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