Mining Heritage Event – Update

Further to the “News” post of 6th March, more details are now available re the Mining Heritage Event which will run from Wednesday 17th May to Sunday 21st May.

Using a DAC Unit 22 hanging form and, marking it “Mining Event”, paintings should be left in the gallery between Thursday 11th May and Saturday 13th May. NO HANGING FEE WILL BE CHARGED.

A small party of volunteers (about 6 people should be enough) will be required to erect the screens on Tuesday 16th, another first thing Wednesday morning to hang the paintings and again on Sunday afternoon to dismantle.

Volunteers will also be needed to man the event to interact with the public.

After the event paintings will be displayed on the Featured Artist wall in the gallery until the end of June.

Good quality digital images of your paintings can be forwarded to the president’s email address “”.

A sheet for volunteers will be placed on the exhibition notice board in the studio.

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