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Dunfermline Art Club Gallery in the Kingsgate Shopping Centre, will soon be accepting submissions from members for the next Gallery hanging period which will run from 29th September 2023 until 11th November 2023. Submissions may be made from now until Saturday 23rd September during normal Gallery opening hours (12-4 pm). Paintings will be hung on Tuesday 26th September in advance of the Gallery re-opening on Friday 29th. A maximum five pictures may be submitted. A hanging fee of £2.50 per picture will apply, and, where four pictures are paid for, the fifth will be hung for free . A commission of 25% will be taken on painting sales. Members also should note that the same paintings may not be exhibited in the Gallery on consecutive hanging periods. Original artworks (which must comply with the clubs framing standards) will  be accepted for hanging but not prints.

Also, Browser items, (which includes unframed paintings and prints) and cards will be accepted for display during this hanging period as will member’s craft items. A maximum five browser and / or craft items may be submitted for display. Detailed arrangements for submission of such items will be published at a later date.

Entry Forms are available in the Kingsgate Gallery and at the club studio at Townhill. Unsold paintings from the previous hanging period should be collected from the Gallery at the earliest convenient opportunity.


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