Next Gallery Changeover – 7th-9th July

DAC Logo Orange copyThe Gallery at Unit 22 will be receiving paintings for the next hanging over the period Thursday 7th July through Saturday 9th July. Gallery staff will dismantle the current display in the week leading up to 7th July and paintings will be held in the Gallery back storage area pending collection. The first day of the new receiving period (7th July) coincides with the final day of the Annual Exhibition, therefore unsold paintings from the Annual Exhibition can (if you wish) be taken straight to the Gallery for the new hanging. Staff will be on duty from 3 pm onwards to receive the paintings. Exhibit Forms and Labels will also be available for you to complete in the gallery. The duty sheet will be available in the club from Tuesday, 21st June and in Unit 22 from 7th through 9th July. Should you require clarification of these arrangements, please contact any of the Gallery Staff (Margaret Whyte, Jen Manson or Elaine Campbell).

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