Sale of Craft / Browser Items in Gallery

Some changes have been introduced relating to the sale of craft material and browser items (unframed original paintings and mounted prints) in the Club Gallery :

  • Acceptance of such items is conditional on the club member having at least one framed painting for sale during the hanging period.
  • Items accepted for sale will be displayed / available for sale in the Gallery for a specific time period which will correspond to the Paintings Hanging Period. Generally 6 weeks.
  • “Craft” items must be hand crafted by the exhibiting member, not commercially manufactured.
  • A maximum 10 items in any category may be submitted in any Hanging Period. The fee payable will be £1 for each item and a commission of 20% will be taken on each sale.
  • Unsold browser and craft items in any hanging period may be retained in the Gallery and offered for sale in the subsequent hanging period upon payment of the appropriate fee (£1 per item).
  • These arrangements and costs will also apply when submitting craft and browser material to be exhibited at the Clubs Annual and Winter Exhibitions where acceptance is conditional on the member having at least one painting on display and for sale.
  • Additionally, a commission of 10% will be taken on the sale of cards at the Annual and Winter Exhibitions.

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