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    Beautiful Materials Design Studio invites you to be inspired to create a landscape artwork from the perspective of Berrylaw Hill Dunfermline. Your creation will be displayed in an exhibition entitled Berrylaw Perspective (curated by Nicola Atkinson and Alan Grieve) in the Andrew Carnegie Birthplace Museum. Please note, that although Dunfermline Art Club is promoting the Berrylaw Perspective Exhibition, the event itself is entirely sponsored and curated by Beautiful Materials Design Studio
    Submit your artwork and become part of living history. You can sign up via this link  https://berrylawperspective.eventbrite.co.uk/ 
    The exhibition is part of the public artwork ‘Walking in the town as if you were wandering in landscape’ by Nicola Atkinson. The artist, of the Beautiful Materials Design Studio , takes Andrew Blair’s painting as a starting point, creating a new perspective from Bruce Street as if you were wandering in a landscape.
Dunfermline from the North West
    The old studio of celebrated 19th century Dunfermline artist Andrew Blair (situated at 9 Bruce Street) provides the perfect setting for displaying one of his landscape paintings, ‘Dunfermline from the North-West’. Painted in 1860, the work is in the collection of the Andrew Carnegie Birthplace Museum. The painting shows the town from the perspective of Berrylaw Hill. When standing at that vantage point you can see almost the exact same view that he captured.

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