Woodmill High School Fundraising Event -26th March

Following the fire at Woodmill High School last summer many of the members asked if there would be a Club response to help the School.
Following discussion with representatives from the school, it was decided that we could help by contributing art works to their exhibition and silent auction sale event on the evening of Thursday 26th March to which all members are cordially invited to attend.
Members are invited to contribute saleable works for inclusion in their exhibition. If therefore, you have any unsold works which you would want to contribute in support of the Schools fund raising event, they would be most gratefully received.
The proceeds of the sale will go to replace Art Department resources lost or damaged in the fire.
Please bring any contributions to either the Gallery in the Kingsgate Centre by 19 March or to the Studio at Townhill by 21 March. Either framed or mounted paintings and prints will be acceptable.
Please wrap your work to protect it, label it with artist and medium info.
The exhibition will be at the School from 17:00 until 18:30 Thursday 26 March.

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