Calendar 2018 – Voting

Voting to select the paintings which will feature in the Club Calendar for 2018 will be on 11th and 12th July at Townhill where photographs of of all the entries will be displayed. Arrangements are as follows:

Calendar 2018 – Voting
Photographs of all entries submitted for inclusion in the proposed 2018 Club Calendar are numbered sequentially. You may also view images of the entries on the club computer.
Members are invited to mark the numbers of their 13 preferred entries on the voting slip provided (One for each month and one for the calendar cover sheet). Voting will be anonymous, as will (as far as possible) the painter of each entry. 
The voting will take place over Tuesday 11th and Wednesday 12th July, after which the 13 with the most votes will be selected to feature in the calendar. No member can have more that one painting featured in the calendar. Of those selected, only the members picture with most votes will be selected. i.e. If a member has more than one entry voted in the “top 13”, their entry with most votes will be chosen.

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