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On Thursday 6th November a meeting of the club Committee was held in Pittencrieff Park. The Secretary will provide a copy of the minutes of this meeting to members in due course. A couple of items which members will wish to be aware of at this time are:

  1. The Winter Exhibition which is usually held in the Kingsgate Centre in November will not take place this year.
  2. The Annual General Meeting of members which was due to take place towards the end of August has been deferred until a date (yet to be determined) towards the end of November. Accordingly, memberships (which usually expire on 31 August) have been extended until 30th November.

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  1. Hi, I would like to rejoin your club (I was a member for a short while over 10 years ago) please can you tell me how to go about being a member, and to whom I should send my membership fee. Is the fee the same during lockdown?I would like my work to be shown in your exhibitions and in your shop, and look forward to submitting to the online gallery. I was very impressed with the YouTube video of the work.
    Margaret Cummins

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