Pittencrieff Park Peacock Sanctuary

Dorothy Amos has been involved in the refurbishment of the aviary at the Peacock Sanctuary in Pittencrieff Park. Part of this refurbishment includes placement of a peacock sculpture along the main wall accompanied by four large local interest canvasses. Since last summer, Dorothy has been working on these canvasses which are now complete. They feature the Dunfermline Coat of Arms (Crest) and St Margaret. An image inspired by the stained glass window in St Margaret’s Chapel, Edinburgh Castle, King Robert the Bruce and an assortment of animals and birds frequently found in the park (known locally as “The Glen”).

Along with Dorothy, other members of Dunfermline Art Club contributed to the wildlife canvas (known as the Wee Beasties). Names of those club members who contributed will be shown when it is hung in the Aviary

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