Seascape Demo by Alan Stephens

Here’s a a summary (from Tony Felton) of Alan Stephens Seascape Demo last night :-

“We welcomed Alan Stephens to the club studio to demonstrate a seascape in oils.
Working with an even more limited palette than he was accustomed to he complete a beautiful seascape of a wave crashing onto rocks, lit from behind.
Alan’s palette, comprising white, lemon yellow, raw sienna, bright red and Winsor blue, was missing his usual burnt umber, by omission.
Working on a blue under painting, Alan roughed in a turning wave in a vibrant green and within a short time conveyed a great feeling of depth and light. The
After a break for tea and biscuits the painting resumed.
Alan completed the painting with the inclusion of some rocks and an horizon.
The demonstration was enjoyed by the members attending and tentative suggestions made for a return visit with the focus on portraits.”


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